Unimar Italy S.R.L

Water Clarification Plant And Filtration Mud

Our targets

Our company target is to find the best solution for the end customer, with adaptation of filtration plants according to the needs

Assistance 24h/24h

All our plants are equipped with a PLC capable of communicating over the internet so you can have remote assistance at any time

Our technicians

We have technicians all over the world (America, Australia, Brazil, Italy) so we can solve the problem to the customer in the shortest time possible


Sludge Filtration Plants from 250 L/m to 15.000 L/m

Unimar Italia S.R.L proposes its plants in marble, granite, glass, ceramic, mining and in chemical and biological sectors. Here below you can see some of our filtration plants

Our strengths

Unimar Italia S.R.L of Peschiera Del Garda was founded in 2005 with the aim of supplying filtration plants of any type, for many sectors, in which sludge filtration is indispensable.

Continuous Development

Every day this company carries out tests to try to find new technologies, always more ecological and environmentally friendly.

Office with computer technicians

We have an office in Verona with computer technicians who give remote assistance 24h/24h

Technicians worldwide

Unimar Italia's technicians are all over the world trying to satisfy the customer giving a continuous assistance.

Fully hot-dip galvanized systems

All our systems are made of stainless steel or hot-dip galvanized according to the field of use

New environmentally friendly, silo-free filtration plant

The secret of success

Thanks to our continuous development, especially in the field of granite and marble, we were able to develop a system suitable for small and medium-sized companies, with the following standards


The plant works completely without the use of flocculant


It has a PLC from which it is possible to connect to the network and therefore have remote assistance, without the exit of the technician


The plant has a tank with dimensions compatible with the customer's request without the use of silos.


The plant is completely made of stainless steel in order to guarantee to the customer a long resistance.


The plant has a filter press capable of pressing a lot of sludge, even if small in size.

Our spare parts

Our spare parts are available for any kind of filtration system of our production or of other brands.

Cloths for filter presses

Our cloths for filter presses are available in any size and any type according to the needs of the customer and its plant


Any type of filter for the correct functioning of WaterJet and CNC machines

Submersible Pumps

We have submersible pumps capable of maintaining high liters without any problem

Sludge pump

We also have high quality slurry pumps, both pneumatic and electric.

Customer Testimonials

Don't take our word for it - here's what our clients say:

A big Thankyou for all your Help and Support in getting our Filtration system up and running again. If it wasn't for the help of our Italian friends and S.R.L Filterings we would never of got this far. I wish Vitanza and Angelo all the best in the future and Good Luck with what ever the future has in store for you both.